Some of the Unpopular Lawn Care Tips (A Complete Guide 2022)

I have Buffalo grass growing on my Couch lawn, is there any way I can kill the Buffalo grass and keep the Couch?

Buffalo grass is highly intolerant of broadleaf weed killers with the active ingredient called Dicamba, and as a result of its application – the Buffalo grass most often dies. However, Dicamba is perfectly safe for Couch lawns.

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Purchase some broadleaf weed killer which is often marketed as Bindii and Clover killer, and mix it and apply it to the entire lawn by following manufacturers’ recommendations. Be sure to choose a herbicide that is Dicamba based. The packaging should have a warning that the weed killer should never be used on Buffalo grass.

Monitor the results of the weed spraying, and within a week or two, the Buffalo grass should be dead, along with many weeds in the lawn too.

If the Buffalo survives, then simply apply a repeat application of herbicide at a timeframe recommended on the product packaging. This will usually be between 1-2 weeks.

Alternatively, the Buffalo grass can be spot treated by very carefully applying Glyphosate herbicide directly onto the leaves of the Buffalo. just be extremely careful not to spill any Glyphosate onto any other areas of lawn, as this herbicide will kill almost any plant it comes into contact with. A small paintbrush is usually a very good applicator.


I’ve been told that I can reduce weeds in my lawn if I mow my lawn more often. Is this true, and if so, how does this work?

Yes you can greatly control many weed types by following regular lawn mowing practices. This method of weed control works by regularly removing weed seeds as they begin to appear and before they have the chance to mature and plant back into the soil, which would then otherwise create the next generation of weeds in your lawn.

The regular lawn mowing method must be done at a cycle that is dependent on the individual lawn, by the owner taking notice of how often the new weed seeds are maturing, and ensuring that lawn mowing is done before the seeds ever come close to maturing.

This method of weed control will not work for all weed types, most notably will not work for weeds that create masses of fine seed heads such as Wintergrass, and for weeds that have very low growing seed heads like Bindii.

Regular lawn mowing will naturally create a healthier lawn too, and a healthier, thicker lawn surface will naturally out-compete a lot of weeds naturally on its own without further assistance from us.

Just wondering when the best time to water my lawn is? I’ve heard nighttime is best because less water is evaporated by the sun is this true?

No you should never water lawns at night.

First up is because lawns and plants cannot absorb water without photosynthesis. So much of the water applied at night will wash away before the lawn can absorb it the next day – so it’s a waste of water.

The next and worst problem is that leaving water sitting on the lawn overnight will provide perfect moist and dark breeding grounds for all lawn diseases, so you could well be creating a rod for your own back in times to come.

Always water lawns in the morning.


I hire a lawn mowing contractor to do my lawns for me, and I’m always aware of safety concerns whenever the lawns are being mowed and my kids are playing in the yard.

How high are the safety concerns, and should the kids be in the yard when the lawns are being mowed?

Every machine the Lawn Mowing Contractor uses is highly dangerous.

The edger, the whipper snipper, and the lawn mower all have the ability to catch a small rock or other object and send it flying throughout the air with great speed and force.

An object such as this will easily smash house or car windows, and can just as easily cause great injury to a human being, including taking out an eye within a split second.

Please, keep your children, yourself, and your pets out of the yard when lawn mowing is in progress, and please, for the safety of the Contractor… be sure that all foreign objects are removed from the lawn prior to your next scheduled lawn service.